Couples for Christ

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Couples for Christ USA, Inc (CFC) is a 501c3 corporation with subsidiary companies in almost all states in the US.  With a Vatican recognition, CFC’s global mission is to be one with the Catholic Church in working for the renewal of families that will serve God and build generations of Christian leaders (Building the Church of the Home); and in pursuing Total Christian Liberation through social justice, respect for life, and work with the poor (Building the Church of the Poor).  CFC is renewing the family through its womb-to-tomb ministries – CFC Kids for Christ, CFC Youth for Christ, CFC Singles for Christ, CFC Handmaids of the Lord and now recently the men’s ministry called CFC Servants of the Lord. CFC’s expression of its love for the marginalized is expressed through another legal institution and its media communication tool through Flame Partners, Inc.  Its national website is and the Metro DC website is