Houses of Adoration

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VISION:   By our intensely Eucharistic life, the Houses of Adoration lay faithful are preparing for the consecration of the world to the Living Person of Jesus Christ, Present in the Holy Eucharist.

MISSION STATEMENT:  The members of the Houses of Adoration bring the Love of Jesus-Eucharist to the world, through a ministry of visitation and prayer performed in the simplicity of everyday life. Please contact us if you are passionate about the conversion of the world and enjoy spending time in Adoration.

IN THE ARCHDIOCESE OF WASHINGTON, DC: We serve in different capacities, such as Sacristans; Eucharistic Ministers; Stephen Ministers; Adorers of the Blessed Sacrament; Promoters of Adoration; Rosa Mystica devotees – praying for Priests and Religious; visiting the sick; volunteering at “Light the City” and we will soon be participating in “Nobody Dies Alone.”

The Houses of Adoration is an International Catholic movement with Pontifical Approval comprising of laity, deacons and priests.

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