Families in Christ Jesus Community (FCJC)

VISION:   Families Bringing Families To Christ.

MISSION STATEMENT:  We are a federation of Catholic Christian Communities who believe in the urgent need to respond to God’s call to proclaim and defend His Gospel on the family (Gen 1:28; Gen 2:24)

FCJC is a Christian Community that is Catholic, Charismatic, Evangelistic and Family Life Oriented, whose main purposes are:

  • To fulfill the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ, by promoting His Gospel, by sharing, by propagating and living out the Word of God by any and all means, and in all places;
  • To establish more prayer group communities anywhere in the world as sister communities who will be in fraternal relationship (allied or federated) with one another, and who will develop loving and caring relationships as its priority;
  • To provide Christian formation, teachings, programs, seminars, symposia, retreats, recollections, and make Christian community life available to all, whether married, single individuals, young adults, the youth or young children;
  • To provide the means and the environment to strengthen and form families into Domestic Churches emphasizing the priesthood of the parents as found in Scripture and in the teachings of the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church;
  • To develop and strengthen the relationship and service of FCJC members to their Pastors, Parishes and Church. To make available Catholic Christian Teachings, in coordination with the Magisterium, to the Catholic members, more particularly on the stand of the Roman Catholic Church regarding issues of faith and morals; and
  • To encourage among the Youths and Young Adults vocations into the Religious and Priestly life.

Metro DC Contact Person: Jack & Tess Opinion at  j5_opinion@yahoo.com

Metro DC Website:    www.fcjcmd.usNational Website:www.fcjc.us

Family Picnic
March For Life
Maryland Delegations to National Prayer Gathering in Dallas, Texas
Young Adults Delegations to National Prayer Gathering in Dallas, Texas