Schoenstatt Movement

Schoenstatt is an international Catholic movement of education and spiritual formation, founded by Servant of God Father Joseph Kentenich in 1914 in Schoenstatt, Germany. We freely seek to actively give witnesses to Christ in modern life by living our faith in everyday life. We look up to Mary as an outstanding model of the human person and ask her to educate us in this task and to guide us in becoming better followers of Christ.

Our vision is to help establish a culture based on the covenant of love with God. Inspired in the character of Christ and Mary, we form personalities of religious and moral integrity for the world of today.

Our mission is to educate a new type of human person, who is free, firm, and apostolic in his or her commitment to fulfill God’s will in everyday life. By educating the core of the personality of men, women, youth, children, and families, we help create a culture of love.

A Movement of Renewal:  As a movement of renewal in the Catholic Church, Schoenstatt works to help renew the Church and society in the spirit of the Gospel.

A Place of Grace:  As a place of grace, Schoenstatt has touched the lives of millions. The Schoenstatt Shrine is the movement’s spiritual home and center of life. This shrine is dedicated to Mary as the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt. In addition to the Original Shrine in Germany, there are over 200 replica daughter shrines around the world where people gather for prayer, renewal and inspiration.

Schoenstatt in the ADW: Schoenstatt is active in the Archdiocese of Washington in the pastoral field, forming couples, men and women, young people and children. We also serve as lectors, Eucharistic ministers, catechists, coordinating the catechesis in parishes and as members of the Archdiocesan Catechetical Leaders Association. We are responsible for the social media of the mentioned association and we promote activities and the spirit of the Archdiocese through our media venues, such as Church Report, Schoenstatt Communicators, Iglesia Juvenil en Salida and Discípulos Misioneros en Salida and through our various Youtube channels. Our web site is

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Celebrations of Schoenstatt centennial in Schoenstatt, October 2014

Pope Francis with the Schoenstatt Movement

Schoenstatt Original Shine In Schoenstatt, Germany