Worldwide Marriage Encounter

The mission of Worldwide Marriage Encounter is to proclaim the value of Marriage and Holy Orders in the Church and in the world.

Vision: “Love one another as I have loved you.” John 15:12     

The Charism of Worldwide Marriage Encounter is “Faith through Relationship”.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends are a special time for a married couple to be away from all distractions:  work, kids, bills, and other pressures and concerns. 

A series of presentations are made by the Presenting Team, consisting of 3 married couples and 1 priest. Each presentation builds on the last as we examine ourselves, our behaviors and attitudes, our relationship with our spouse and God.  

Communication tools are taught on the weekend helping couples connect in healthy, constructive ways on areas that can deepen their intimacy and connectedness.

All sharing between spouses is PRIVATE, and this is NOT a weekend to solve problems!  This Weekend will help couples in good marriages communicate even better.

Each year in the Archdiocese of Washington there are Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekends presented in English and Spanish.

Marriage Encounter Weekends have been given in the US since 1967. Decades of research, planning and tried and true wisdom have gone into the content of the Weekend and how it unfolds for couples, priests and religious.

You don’t need a Weekend…

You DESERVE a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend!  You attend seminars to learn new skills to improve your career and work opportunities, right?  Why not dedicate one weekend to enhance your most important relationship… with your Spouse!  One weekend can truly change your life!

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Contact  Jeff & Kathy Foley at – 301-946-0839

  Don & Wink Flanders at – 301-395-5369

WWME is faithful to the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching that marriage is a covenant that exists between one man and one woman. Any reference to marriage or couple made by WWME is in this context. 

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