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Cursillo Movement

Cursillo is a worldwide movement of the Roman Catholic Church. Using the tools of piety, study and action, it provides for a three day encounter with self, Christ and each other to become Christian leaders in our environments. Cursillo offers a method to grow in Christian community by sustained sharing, prayer and study in small friendship groups. Friendship groups enrich our lives with piety, grow our understanding of faith in study, and take action to bring others to Christ.


To achieve the goal of evangelizing the world through personal friendships and through which we share our belief and experience of God’s love

Cursillo Movement in the Archdiocese of Washington: 

Cursillo movement is a lay movement with leadership selected from among the membership.  There is no physical location for the Washington Cursillo.  The governing body, the Secretariat, meets four to seven times a year at a location selected annually.  Business is conducted in person and electronically. The Washington Cursillo is an affiliate of the National Cursillo Movement.

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